A Managed Service or SaaS Solution

Connect to the Government Gateway and the HMRC's Data Provisioning Service (DPS)

Connect to the Government Gateway and the HMRC's Data Provisioning Service (DPS), control all RTI transaction flows and get a monthly reconciliation of all RTI submissions and receipts.

SAA's REIMS HMRC Service is a Managed Service or SaaS Application that provides RTI Scheme Management and direct Government Gateway connection for sending RTI and PAYE forms and receiving notifications through a secure interface to HMRC and Government Gateway Services.

The REIMS RTI Service has enhanced control and management features for medium and larger organisations that have a large number of employees or pensioners, or split schemes, or have multiple payroll systems and it provides the following features and benefits:

  • Full RTI Submission Control System with support for FPS, EAS, EPS, EYU and NVREQ, via the Government Gateway in XML format, as well as existing PAYE returns
  • Full PAYE and RTI receipts for "In Year" tax code notifications changes and the RTI NVREP from the Data Provisioning Service (DPS)
  • Supports HMRC IRmark security specification and secure communications with advanced audit and data security options
  • RTI Quality Control System for validation and error correction
  • RTI Scheme Control System provides a tax month reconciliation and Business Intelligence Reports to ensure compliance and year to date control. Simplified interface to payroll and HR applications in REIMS TEC Format or mapping service to facilitate any Application Interface Format
  • Single Secure connection into the service makes implementation and operation very efficient and cost effective
  • Generation and/or validation of the BACS cross-reference hash code needed for each FPS
  • Hybrid deployment that can be installed in the cloud as a SaaS Solution or provided as a fully Managed Service from SAA
  • OEM Editions suitable for large organisations and payroll bureau and SaaS Providers

REIMS RTI Service is a comprehensive solution consisting of three control systems

RTI Submission Control System: Security - Connectivity - Audit

RTI Quality Control System: Integration - Validation - Error Correction

RTI Scheme Control System: Reporting - Reconciliation - BACS Synchronisation

Flexible Integration

The REIMS ARTIS HMRC RTI Scheme Management Server includes all facilities for both sending and receiving RTI and PAYE documents with Payroll, HR and Finance systems. REIMS can extract data directly from databases or if the application works with an XML or file interface (and STD18 for BACS) then REIMS will work out of the box with the payroll and HR applications.

The REIMS ARTIS has Internet recognition for RTI submissions and PAYE notifications:

RTI Submissions: FPS, EAS, EPS, EYU and NVREQ

RTI and PAYE Notifications: P6, P6B, P9, SL1, SL2, NVREP and GEN

PAYE Expenses and Benefits: P11D, P11D(b), P46(CAR)

CIS: Monthly Returns (CIS300), Verification Requests, Verification Reply messages.

What next?

For more information about the REIMS ARTIS HMRC RTI Scheme Management Server product or how SAA Consultants can help you achieve RTI compliance and BACSTEL synchronisation, or to find out more about our OEM Editions suitable for large organisations, Payroll Bureau and SaaS Providers please contact one of our specialists:

Telephone: +44 (0)1752 606000

A full list of our contact details can be found on the contact page.